How To Clean a Fine Mesh Strainer

An interesting question from Randi:
How do you clean a finemesh strainer? I have an OXO one and when I strain custards or soups, they get so gross!!

This is the type of strainer I believe Randi is talking about. I have a similar problem when I strain fruits for jam. Here's what I do to clean mine:
First I begin by turning the strainer upside down and running a good blast of water all over the bottom side of the strainer so the wedged-in bits will come out. Then I use a plastic bristled scrubber

to speed up the process a bit. I find the worst area to clean on a strainer like this is under the metal rim of the basket. If a lot of gunk is stuck under there, I'll soak the strainer in a big pot of hot water for an hour or so and then repeat the above process.

I hope this is helpful Randi!


Randi said...

I showed this to Robin and she say's Thanks!! She's the one that is actually cleaning it. I cook, she cleans. I love that arrangement.

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