Confectioner's Sugar Question

One Google searcher from Sioux Falls, South Dakota wants to know, "How long does confectioner's sugar last?"

In my house, usually 1 year or less.

I buy confectioner's sugar whenever I find it on sale. Usually right after Christmas is a time when I need to replenish my stock after all of my holiday baking. Those stinkers at the grocery store know that people bake more during the holidays so they jack-up their prices because they know people need to buy ingredients with which to bake. Then after the holidays, they have a lot of stock they want to get rid of so the price goes way down.

I keep my supply of confectioner's sugar in a sealable plastic container. I have never had trouble with sugar becoming rancid or funky in any way but I have had trouble with kitchen moths and ants. Keeping the bags in a plastic container prevents those critters from invading my precious stash.

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