Cheese Curds

A Yahoo searcher in Bel Air, Maryland would like to know where they can purchase cheese curds in Maryland.

I am near Annapolis, which is about 50 miles south of Bel Air. I have found cheese curds at the Pennsylvania Dutch Farmer's Market in the Harbor Center shopping village at 2472 Solomon's Island Road in Annapolis. I warn you however, when I purchased my cheese curds there, they were not fresh and became rancid within one day of my purchase. I am told that in the Dutch Market they will gladly allow you a taste of any product you would like to purchase and I highly recommend that you do this.

Fresh cheese curds with have a fresh milk scent with no trace of sourness to it. They should squeak when you bite them or they are at least 2 days old. Two day old cheese curds are still perfectly fine to eat, in fact cheese curds should be good for at least a week in the fridge (if they were purchased fresh). Cheese curds can be kept in the freezer for up to six months but will not squeak when defrosted (unless you microwave them for a few seconds).

I also have been told (though I haven't confirmed this yet) that Trader Joe's will be carrying cheese curds. Please let me know if you find cheese curds and Trader Joe's and the location.

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